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Guest Speaker Rupert Tetlaw on Managing Muddy Festival Sites to Posh Wedding Venues!

We are so fortunate the event industry is passionate about supporting the development of new talent and industry experts are willing to share their time and expertise with our students.

Recently we were delighted to welcome Rupert Tetlaw from R.T Events into our virtual classroom to address an online event management class.

Rupert originally started Elite Event Services in October 2015 after being in the event industry for over 10 years. He wanted to offer support and services to clients who he respected and wanted to work for and who also appreciated good service.

Rupert reflected on learning a good lesson in 2018 when he entered into a merger with with another business that unfortunately didn't work out. From the lessons learnt, in 2019 he re-launched as R.T. Events in 2020 and quickly developed a strong and loyal client base. R. T Events offer many elements of event set-up as well as onsite management and support to clients. 

Rupert's tight knit team can support clients in many ways. "We can be in a muddy festival site one week and in a posh wedding venue the next it is amazing. The satisfaction I get out of helping clients get the best results is the best feeling ever".

Rupert's session with our online event management course was extremely well received, with students' feedback including:

"All rounder, helpful and great knowledge in all kinds and types of event"

"I felt a lot of energy and devotion to his work and I like that he is willing to do the extra work even if it's not necessary, just to make the customer happy because that is also the way how to make the relationships with customers better."

"I loved his session because he provided us a different point of view (as a supplier)"

Learn more about our online event management course

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