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Planning Your Honeymoon

Where to go, where to stay and what to do are just three of the many aspects that need to be considered when you plan a honeymoon. Your “once in a lifetime” holiday is really important and naturally you will want get it right.

So, if you are getting married and thinking about your honeymoon here are some top tips from specialist travel company, The Honeymoon Fixer.

  • Consider what sort of honeymoon you would like (total relaxation, a mix of relaxation & activities or perhaps a full on adventure).

  • Work out your budget, or at least have a rough idea about how much you have to spend.

  • How long do you want to be away?

  • When do you want to go?

  • Where are your preferred destinations? Compile a short list of no more than ten places.


Having the answers to these five questions will help narrow things down and your chosen travel advisor will be able to put together some bespoke itineraries. Should your budget not stretch to the sort of honeymoon you had envisaged, a lot of travel companies offer Honeymoon Gift Lists which enable your guests to contribute money to your honeymoon instead of giving a present. A clever way to achieve your dream holiday without having to stretch your finances too much!

There are many obvious advantages to using a travel company but one which is often overlooked, is that it will free you up to concentrate on the planning and preparation of your wedding.

Getting married is very exciting, but the lead up to the wedding is often extremely stressful and trying to organise the honeymoon yourself will just add to your workload.

In addition, COVID is making travelling incredibly tricky especially as the situation is constantly changing. However, travel companies are being kept up-to-date which means you can be assured that any suggested itinerary will have been carefully put together taking into consideration the latest restrictions and advice.

And last, no matter what sort of honeymoon you opt for we strongly recommend spending the first few nights relaxing somewhere special. This is because once the excitement and euphoria of the wedding is over you will be left feeling exhausted, so spending a bit of time being pampered and doing very little is always a good idea!

We hope this blog is helpful and if you’d like to discuss your honeymoon plans or simply get ideas and advice Britt at The Honeymoon Fixer is always happy to help. Get in touch either via email or telephone 0203 441 6848.



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