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What is a Symbolic Wedding Celebrant? Here's the Answer from Lake Garda Family Events' Sara Rozzi

A Guest Blog by Sara Rozzi from Lake Garda Family Events

So what is a Symbolic Wedding?

Sometimes called a Humanist Wedding, this is a meaningful non-religious ceremony. It is not a legal ceremony and often compliments the formal legal registrar ceremony by offering a personal and often creative and unique opportunity for the couple to express their tastes and values. Because it is not tied down by legal requirements, it can be held in almost any setting and the content and format can be adapted and it can be as formal and traditional, or relaxed and personal as you prefer. This style of wedding suits those who don't want to get married in a church or want a personalised ceremony.

What does a Symbolic Wedding involve?

The ceremony is written exclusively for the couple and could include:

  • Readings by family and/or friends

  • Personal vows from the couple

  • A ring ceremony and/or ring vows

  • The telling of the couples love story

  • The traditional wedding kiss

  • A conclusion e.g. releasing balloons, throwing petals or confetti etc

Sara Rozzi, Symbolic Celebrant, Lake Garda Italy
Sara Rozzi, Symbolic Celebrant, Lake Garda Italy

What is a Symbolic Wedding Celebrant?

Professional, reliable, experienced celebrants who offer a bespoke ceremony catering for the clients needs. In short, a person like me, passionate about my job and my area, who creates a personalized wedding text and performs the ceremony.

I’ll get to know you personally or online some months before the big day, I’ll try to understand who you are and what your dream ceremony is, I’ll carefully listen to your story together …..we’ll add some old symbolic rituals if you like and together we’ll make your day unique.

This means that your wedding will be different from the others, made according to your tastes, your style and your story, but with my experience, love for happy moments and Italian character.

My message...

Celebrate your wedding at my lake..

You’ll get the Italian flair..

LAKE GARDA , in Northern Italy, is the ideal spot to get married.

Between Venice and Milan, in the Lake District, Lake Garda is renowned for its mild climate, its little charming villages with medieval churches, cobbled alleys and enchanting view.

Your wedding in Italy can be civil (we'll help you organise the legal ceremony) or symbolic, both are possible - you can get married in the countryside in an olive grove, a vineyard or even a lemon garden, in a nice loggia on an Island, in a garden with lake view.

You can hire an entire villa, stay in a hotel or a house with your family for some days,

entertain your guests with sightseeing tours, wine tastings, boat trips. I can take care of everything together with my trustworthy colleagues and I can myself be, your Symbolic Wedding Celebrant, Local Area Guide or Interpreter.




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