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A Celebrant Led Ceremony can be the Way to Go

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

You’ve said yes, you’re really excited, you’ve held the dream of your wedding day in your heart and the vision in your mind for as long as you remember, the time has come, and you can bring that dream to reality.

Now the planning starts!

What kind of ceremony have you dreamt of? What kind of venue have you dreamt of?

The choices for both ceremony and venue are extensive and endless.

Traditionally you may think of a church wedding, a Registry Office ceremony, or possibly a castle with licensed rooms which a Registrar would come out to.

But wait. What about a Celebrant led wedding in a venue like, say, a turn of the century renovated warehouse in Shoreditch, or in a museum? If either of those don’t grab you what about outside beside (or on) the river or possibly on a farm?

Diana and Matt Alderman, Brook Farm, 15th June 2019, Venue: Brook Farm – Cuffley Images: Rebecca Wedding Photography
Diana & Matt. Image: Rebecca Wedding Photography

First things first. A Celebrant led ceremony is a third, and beautiful, choice of wedding ceremony. [It’s actually called a Wedding Celebration Ceremony, because once the couple have given their notice of intent to marry, they need to complete the legal formalities at their local registry office.]

We as Celebrants give you the wedding ceremony you have always dreamed of, the one that you have held in your heart and in your mind.

There are two types of Celebrant – Humanist who, just like a Registrar does not include religion and Independent Celebrant (which I am) that can include religion.

So, if either you, or your partner, or both of you are religious I can include religion in your ceremony. You need to do your due diligence, and find the right Celebrant for you – one you click with, the one you instantly know you can build a rapport with.

Whichever Celebrant you decide on we all do the same thing; we take your relationship history and transform it into your ceremony, your ceremony with your story at the centre of it – totally bespoke and unique.

Also, as well as everything else you would see in a traditional ceremony, vows, ring exchange, readings, signing of certificate we add a little something extra, a little bit of theatre, like a sand pouring or a unity candle or do you fancy a wine or beer tasting?

Diana & Matt Alderman. Venue: Brook Farm – Cuffley Images: Rebecca Wedding Photography

When you have a Celebrant conduct your wedding it can be, but does not have to be, in a licensed room. Unlike Registrars, Celebrants, can conduct your wedding anywhere.

The warehouse in Shoreditch, the museum, the farm; but what about on a cliff (as long as the weather is nice), or on a boat floating down the Thames, or, when we can travel and survive there, Venues! Don’t limit yourself.

Celebrants are open to whatever your dreams consist of. Walt Disney famously said...

“If you can dream it, you can do it”.

So, tell your Celebrant your wedding ceremony dreams, tell them about the vision you have been treasuring in your heart, your mind, and trust them to bring all of that to fruition.

It will be a ceremony that you will never forget and one your guests will not forget either.


Contact Jennie:

 +44 (0) 7835 788 047

Featured Wedding:

Diana and Matt Alderman, Brook Farm, 15th June 2019,

Venue: Brook Farm – Cuffley. Images: Rebecca Wedding Photography


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