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Why Professional Event Planners Start Crafting Christmas Events So Early

The heat of summer might seem an unlikely time to start thinking of of winter wonderlands and Christmas parties. Yet, within the world of professional event planning, the summer months mark the launch of the meticulous preparations for the most cherished event of the year: Christmas.

Plan Christmas Events Early

While it might puzzle some as to why event planners commence their Christmas endeavors so early, there is a strategy behind their let's-get-started-early approach.

#1 - Elaborate Creativity Requires Time:

Crafting memorable Christmas events goes beyond merely hanging decorations and putting up a tree. Event planners aim to create unique and awe-inspiring experiences that capture the essence of the holiday season. This level of creativity demands time for brainstorming, conceptualisation, and meticulous detailing. By starting early, planners can conceptualise inventive themes, source exceptional decor, and design extraordinary experiences that evoke the true magic of Christmas.

#2 - Venue and Vendor Scheduling and Availability:

The demand for venues and event-related services peaks during the holiday season. The most popular venues and vendors such as decorators, caterers, entertainers, and rental companies get booked quickly as the year progresses. By initiating the planning process in July, event planners secure the best vendors and service providers, ensuring the availability of top choices and the flexibility to negotiate favorable terms.

"Contracting year-end clients by the summer is crucial for event managers. Usually by September, the calendar becomes very busy, so the additional lead time allows for thorough planning, resource allocation, and vendor arrangements. You are also able to provide clear communication with clients and ensure optimal budgeting which is a win win for all. This proactive approach enables an impactful year-end of events."
– Nicholas Oxborrow, Fabulation

#3 - Budgeting and Resource Allocation:

Christmas events are often grand affairs, requiring careful budgeting and resource allocation. By starting early, event planners can accurately estimate costs, identify potential budget constraints, and allocate resources wisely. This proactive approach enables them to make informed decisions, seek competitive pricing, and secure cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

#4 - Mitigating Last-Minute Hiccups:

Christmas events are prone to unexpected challenges that can arise from factors such as inclement weather, transportation delays, or venue-related issues. Beginning preparations early provides event planners with a cushion of time to address and mitigate these challenges, ensuring a seamless and stress-free execution when the festivities kick in.

It’s important to start planning Christmas parties early if you want to host a party in the most spectacular venues! Once a company has found a perfect Christmas party venue, many will rebook the same venue year after year, usually straight after that years Christmas party. This means that by the time we get to the summer months, many of the most popular venues have already been rebooked for the Xmas period and will have limited availability. Having the perfect event venue on the most appropriate date is key to hosting a successful event, this is difficult if venues have limited availability.
– Ben Parker, MICE Destinations

#5 - Crafting Seamless Guest Experiences:

In the realm of event planning, attention to detail is paramount. From creating personalised invitations to curating carefully timed activities, planners ensure every aspect of the event aligns with the overarching theme and guest experience. This level of detail requires substantial planning and coordination, which can be best achieved when the planning process starts months in advance.

#6 - Flexibility for Unique Ideas:

In the creative world of event planning, inspiration often strikes at unexpected moments. By initiating preparations early, planners have the flexibility to incorporate novel ideas and unique elements that contribute to an unforgettable Christmas experience. This flexibility enhances the overall ambiance of the event, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

#7 - Spreading Out Workload for Busy Event Planners:

Planning a large-scale Christmas event involves a multitude of tasks, from logistics and coordination to design and execution. Starting preparations in July allows event planners to distribute these tasks over a more extended period, preventing burnout and ensuring that each element receives the attention it deserves.

"With the event industry picking up solid momentum this year, the top venues see a strong increase in bookings, especially for the important dates. As long term future dates become reliable to work with again, many agencies and clients feel confident by securing for example their Christmas parties even in summer already."
– David Vogel, DeTour Artists

Start Planning!

The commencement of Christmas event planning in July holds a world of strategic benefits for professional event planners. The creative complexity, vendor availability, budget considerations, and seamless execution that characterise remarkable holiday events all find their foundation in the early stages of preparation.

As the holiday season approaches, these planners can revel in the knowledge that their meticulous planning will bring to life a Christmas celebration that is nothing short of magical.

So, the next time you feel the warmth of July, remember that somewhere, an event planner is already dreaming of a winter wonderland.

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