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20 Questions with Ross Willsher, Wedding Photographer, Author & Podcaster.

We asked Ross Willsher 20 Questions to find out more about the person behind his brand. An interview highlight was Ross describing his funniest career moment when a wedding party member disappeared and reappeared in quite unusual circumstances!

Ross Willsher is not only an amazing photographer, he's also an author and podcaster, and a very good storyteller! We really enjoyed our interview with Ross, hope you do to!



"I’m Ross and in no particular order, I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer, published author, obsessive ‘Great British Bake Off’ viewer and reluctant runner. I’d love to tell you that at the age of six, my grandfather gifted me an antique camera and I spent the rest of my childhood in the dark room following an early calling to the magical art of photography. However, the truth is that I didn’t really pick up a camera until my late twenties, but when I did, boy did it change my life.

Not only did it provide me with a creative outlet and the opportunity to launch my own business, it provided me with a tool to empower others to feel amazing about who they are. I understand that even for the most outwardly confident couple, being plonked in front of a big fat professional camera can summon up a host of nerves and feelings of awkwardness.

It’s also fair to say that a lot of the mainstream wedding media lacks diversity and a healthy dose of reality, and you may be struggling to identify with the couples you see on those Pinterest boards. So I’m here to capture real couples, and prove that you don’t have to be anything other than your true selves, in order to be wonderfully photogenic. Nor do we need to use elaborate and laborious posing to bring out all of your awesome qualities on camera.

I continually receive emails, cards and messages from my couples following their wedding or engagement shoot, thanking me for making them feel so at ease, and this is before they have even seen their photos! It’s a testament to how much emphasis I place on making sure you have a wonderful experience when being photographed, and ensure that it’s never simply a means to an end.

Before I became a photographer I worked with children who have additional needs and also worked for the Alzheimer’s Society. In fact, every job I’ve ever had has been people-focussed. Connecting with others is a huge part of being a photographer, and being trained in how to truly listen and interact with people who face challenges with communication, is a skill I’m truly proud of."

Learn more about Ross and his wedding photography business and podcasts

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