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20 Questions with "The Honeymoon & Holiday Fixer", Britt-Marie Monks.

Updated: May 26, 2023

We played 20 Questions to find out more about the person behind the successful brand The Honeymoon & Holiday Fixer.

Founder, Britt-Marie Monks was incredibly honest about the rewards and challenges of owning your own business.

And we also found out how Britt-Marie has combined her two great career passions - travel and weddings - to become one of the UK's leading independent honeymoon travel agents.

Plus she shared a few unexpected stories about herself and a few fun facts like who she'd invite to her dream dinner party!



With a wealth of travel experience and a well-deserved reputation for creating the very best honeymoon packages, Britt-Marie knows the importance of looking after the finer details.

Britt's services include offering Luxury honeymoon destinations worldwide and planning destination weddings in luxury tropical settings.


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