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Creating a Right Royal Celebration!

How nice it is to have something to celebrate – much-needed now and after the last 2 years.

The Platinum Jubilee is an excuse for a party and for us to get together with family and friends.

If you are looking for ideas on how to create a celebration a la Royalty, here are some of my tips:

  • Royal banquets ordinarily are laid out as long tables, called Sprigs. The hosts’ table is a long one running horizontally and the sprigs are set off from this vertically. If you’ve a sizeable room, or are planning an outdoor celebration, this set up works well.

  • Bunting is a British tradition and one that is, literally, rolled out for any celebration. It works as indoor or outdoor decoration and is always associated with a party.

  • June offers host of British summer flowers - fragrant and glorious in their colour. Choosing all summer flowers will lend a beautiful scent to your setting. Including herbs adds greenery, a variation in texture, and yet more scent!

Dining on British cuisine is perhaps not as unexciting as some people may initially anticipate! We do do food rather well! Eton mess, cheesecake, trifle and the quintessential roast dinner are all popular for party menus. Serving a Pimms, dressed with fresh mint and fruit I always feel looks equally celebratory and delicious!

Finally, if you are planning an outdoor celebration, it is worth having a Plan B in the form of some cover – perhaps a pop-up Gazebo. Even an unprecedented 70 years on the British throne still does not entitle Her Majesty to any authority over our weather!



Professional wedding planner Siobhàn Craven-Robins has been arranging stylish, elegant and beautiful weddings since 1996 when she established the first dedicated wedding planning business in the UK.

Renowned for her attention to detail, wonderful weddings, discretion, imagination and personal touch - Siobhàn's talent is that she puts your hallmark on your day. No two wedding are ever the same. Each wedding she creates is a true reflection of that couple and how they would choose to celebrate their day.

Siobhàn is one of the UK's best known and popular wedding planners and is frequently invited to appear on national radio and television to advise on planning the perfect wedding.

She has also presented many televised wedding features offering wedding planning tips.

Siobhàn is often asked to lend her professional expertise to wedding shows and web sites advising on wedding planning and avoiding pitfalls as well as writing for various bridal publications.



  • Certificate in Wedding Planning

  • Diploma in Wedding Planning

  • MasterClass in Destination Wedding Planning

  • MasterClass in Wedding Business Development and Marketing

  • MicroCredential in Wedding Inspiration and Design

  • MicroCredential in Start Your Own Wedding Planning Business

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