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Discover the Advantages of a Summer Course with The Event School London

If you're considering boosting your career in event management or updating your leadership skills, London offers a unique backdrop combined with world-class educational opportunities.

Here’s why a summer course in event management at The Event School London could be your gateway to success:

Comprehensive Learning: Our one-week intensive courses are perfect for those looking to gain a quick yet comprehensive understanding of event planning essentials or to update leadership or marketing skills.


For a deeper dive into the intricacies of the industry, our two-week programmes offer an extended exploration of specialist event management fields, while our four-week courses provide a thorough, immersive experience, allowing you to develop further expertise.


Each programme is meticulously structured to ensure you receive an engaging learning experience, guided by our seasoned professionals, setting you on a path to success in the dynamic world of events.

Immersive Experiences: With options ranging from one to four weeks, these courses are designed to fit various schedules and provide in-depth learning experiences. They often take place in iconic venues around London, offering students first hand exposure to leading event environments.

Expert Instruction: Learn from experienced professionals who bring real-world insights and expertise. This direct access to industry insiders enhances the learning experience significantly.

Diverse Course Offerings: Whether it's sports, cultural festivals, or corporate events, the courses are tailored to various interests within the event management spectrum, allowing students to specialize in areas they are passionate about.

Dynamic Setting: London's status as a global city offers students a vibrant cultural scene to explore while they study. ExCeL London's location provides the perfect environment for event industry focused studies.

Networking Potential: Studying in London opens up numerous networking opportunities with professionals and peers from across the globe. These connections can be crucial for career advancement.

Convenient and Affordable Residential Options: For this year's summer courses, you can choose to stay at the Novotel ExCeL London, conveniently located at the course venue. Alternatively, the Ibis next door is another great option. With the Elizabeth Line, you can travel from ExCeL London to Canary Wharf in just 3 minutes, Liverpool Street in 10 minutes, and central London in 12 minutes, making it easy to explore all that London has to offer while you learn.

Exploring After Class: Thanks to British Summer Time and daylight savings, you’ll enjoy extended daylight hours during your summer course. This means you’ll have plenty of time after classes to discover London’s summer vibes, iconic sights, and attractions. Whether you’re interested in arts, theatre, sports, or nightlife, London has something to offer everyone.

A summer course at The Event School London not only enhances your professional skills but also immerses you in the bustling world of global events right in the heart of London. It’s an investment in your future, providing practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and the opportunity to make industry connections that will benefit your career for years to come.


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