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Event School's Progressive Step: Equalising International Student Fees and Access to Payment Plans

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

International Students access to event management courses

In an era of globalisation and interconnectedness, education has become a bridge that connects people from all corners of the world. It fosters diversity, understanding, and collaboration, making it imperative for educational institutions to create an environment that is both inclusive and accessible to students from different backgrounds.

The Event School London, known for its exceptional courses in event management, has taken a significant stride in this direction by implementing major changes to its international student fees. In a bold move, the school has not only equalized fees on full-time courses for international students and home students but has also introduced payment plans to enhance accessibility for EU, EAA, and EFTA students.

This progressive step reflects the school's commitment to offering quality education while dismantling financial barriers.

Equalising International Student Fees

One of the most commendable changes made by The Event School London is the equalisation of fees between international students and home students. Traditionally, international students have often borne a heavier financial burden due to higher tuition fees, which could sometimes deter potential applicants despite their keen interest and aptitude for the chosen field of study.

By bringing international student fees in line with those of home students, The Event School London has sent a powerful message that education should be about ability and aspiration, not just the ability to pay. This step will encourage talented individuals from around the world to pursue their passion for event management without being constrained by financial concerns.

Promoting Inclusivity with Payment Plans

Another significant change implemented by The Event School London is the introduction of payment plans for EU, EAA, and EFTA students on full-time courses. Education should be a realm where potential is nurtured and dreams are realized, regardless of financial circumstances.

By offering payment plans, the school has opened doors for students whose families may find it challenging to pay the entire tuition upfront. This strategy not only makes education more attainable for a broader range of students but also fosters a sense of belonging and inclusivity within the school community. Students can focus on their studies and personal growth without the undue stress of immediate financial constraints.

Benefits for the School and Students

The decision to equalise international student fees and introduce payment plans is not only a remarkable example of social responsibility but also a strategic move that can yield numerous benefits for both The Event School London and its students.

  1. Enhanced Diversity: A diverse student body enriches the educational experience by bringing together different perspectives and cultures. With equalised fees and accessible payment plans, the school is poised to attract a more diverse pool of students, fostering a vibrant learning environment.

  2. Global Reputation: Educational institutions that prioritise accessibility and inclusivity often earn a reputation for being progressive and forward-thinking. This positive image can attract attention from international students seeking institutions that prioritise their well-being and growth.

  3. Long-Term Growth: By making education more accessible, the school aims to increase international student enrollments, leading to long-term growth in student numbers and positive impact on the institution's reputation and future sustainability.

  4. Alumni Success Stories: When talented individuals are given the opportunity to pursue their passions without financial constraints, they can thrive and contribute significantly to their chosen field. This can lead to a wealth of success stories that highlight the value of The Event School London's approach.

The Event School London's decision to equalise international student fees and introduce payment plans is a testament to its dedication to education that transcends borders and economic limitations.

By embracing these changes, the school is not only making a statement about the importance of inclusive education but also laying the foundation for a brighter, more diverse, and more interconnected future.

We can hope to see a positive shift in the landscape of vocational education, where financial barriers are dismantled, and the potential of every aspiring student is unlocked.


The Full-time courses that these changes apply to are:

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