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We are Set to Transform Lives next February. An Event Management Career is Waiting for You!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Study Event Management with The Event School London

Event management is a fast-paced, exciting, and rewarding industry that's perfect for individuals with excellent organisational and interpersonal skills.

And if you're looking to jumpstart your event management career, The Event School London's Advanced Diploma in Event Management starting on 12th February 2024 is the perfect course for you.

Our 6-month event management program is London's finest, offering students the chance to learn practical skills, get expert advice, and acquire invaluable industry connections. Our course is internationally and industry recognised, so you know you're getting the best training that can open doors to career opportunities worldwide.

Continue reading to discover some reasons why you should join the school's advanced diploma programme and learn what it takes to become a successful event manager.

Industry-recognised event management qualification

Advanced diploma in event management endorsed by training qualifications uk

The Event School London's Advanced Diploma is recognised by industry leaders and endorsed by the UK's leading technical education awarding body, Training Qualifications UK. With this qualification, you're assured that your certificate holds value and has been endorsed by authorities in the industry.

Practical event management experience

Students from The Event School London learn by doing

You'll learn a variety of theoretical and practical skills that'll prepare you for real-world scenarios. Our experienced lecturers have worked in the event industry, which means they'll expose you to practical examples of event execution, planning, budgeting, and management decision-making. You'll attend multiple industry events, showcases and site tours and participate in planning a live event, so you'll have the opportunity to put your skills into practice.

Invaluable event industry connections

Networking opportunities with the events industry

The Event School London has a vast network of industry contacts, and you'll benefit from this through networking opportunities, internships, and mentorship programmes. Our partners include catering companies, florists, photographers, audio-visual experts, and event venues. This will give you a chance to build your CV, gain practical experience, and even land job opportunities from reputable event organisations.

Study three days a week

The advanced diploma in event management classes are generally scehgudled for mOndays. Tuesday and Wednesdays, allowing time for work placements, paid work or exploring London The course is designed so you cav fit it into your schedule, whether you're a school leaver, career changer, or gap year student.

Varied career opportunities in event management

Event Manager Exhibitions

Event management is a diverse industry, and upon completion of the advanced diploma programme, you'll have many broad industry opportunities to pursue. Graduates can choose to specialise in specific types of events, such as festivals, corporate events, conferences, weddings, or sports events. Other career options include working for event management companies, PR agencies, venue management companies, and corporate in-house event teams.


The Event School London's Advanced Diploma in Event Management programme is the ideal course for individuals who are passionate about event planning and are looking to start or advance their careers in this exciting industry.

Our program is internationally recognised and provides practical skills and experience that you'll need when working in real-world scenarios. We offer experiential learning with a focus on the student experience.

Additionally, our industry connections and career support services make it easy to build a network and pursue a career as an event manager. So, if you're interested in this dynamic industry, enrol for the course and future-proof your career.

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