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We've Been to the New "Meetaverse" with Allseated's Vera Cavus.

We were fortunate to welcome Vera Cavus from AllSeated to speak with our students, just one day after the launch of their new website for the MeetaVerse!

So, as well as a demo on AllSeated's floor planning software, we were introduced to their new corporate metaverse product - a digital workplace that's ideal for a new post-pandemic online world.

Vera, a Director of Sales with AllSeated Europe, brought our class a new perspective on event and floor planning software. She shared how simple and effective it was for event managers to use these tools to make their planing more efficient, and to share their event design and floor plans with their clients and vendors.

Then we were introduced to an exciting new product called the Meetaverse (BTW we love the name!)

Now that so many people work from home or hybrid, Allseated have found a way to make it that bit more exciting, engaging and fun!

Valerie Germain, Marketing Manager AllSeated Europe was also in attendance, ensuring this class was a great opportunity for our event management course students to make new industry connections and stay up to date with event tech.

Many thanks to Vera, Valerie and AllSeated for their continued support in developing new talent into the venue and event industry.


About Vera Cavus

Vera is an experienced event professional, from Hamburg, Northern Germany. She is proud to have "hybrid- studied (School + training company+traineeship) undertaking her event management training from 2007-2010.

Various positions in Vera's career included:

  • Working with the Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH

  • Organizing an Aircraft Show

  • Corporate Events (large scale, >1,000 attendees)

  • Event Sales for Corporate Customers

  • Business Development and digitization

  • Venue refurbishment

  • Director of Sales at Allseated Europe


About Allseated

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Allseated OPS

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About Event Management Courses with The Event School London

Our London based courses offer an interactive, immersion experience in venues at London's premier event environment campus, ExCeL London, the UK's international event, exhibition and convention centre.

Our Virtual Courses offer an interactive, online learning experience with live online classes taught in real-time.

And our Event Management Course Trainers for both London and Virtual courses are amongst the most experienced within their fields.

Courses include:

  • Certificate in Event Management Course

  • Certificate in Event Planning Course

  • Diploma in Event Management Course

  • Certificate in Festivals and Cultural Event Management Course

  • Certificate in Venue Management course

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